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Solicitors in Pattaya

If you live in Pattaya or wanting to retire in Pattaya then speak to us in Chonburi near the Pattaya bus station. Our lawyers can assist you with a US Visa, Thai Visa, or Marriage registration if buying in Jomtien, Naklua or anywhere in Pattaya. Call us today for information and see how we can […]

E-Commerce in Thailand

Selling online in Thailand requires government approval for a number of reasons. This is what you need to know about selling in Thailand online and the conditions attached to it. In order to sell good online in Thailand you need permission from the Department of Business Development in Thailand.

Nightlife Entertainment in Pattaya

The nightlife trade in Pattaya was dealt a blow when new smoking rules came in. These rules even though on book since 2002 was never really enforced until the past year where the police has started clamping down. The Non-Smokers Health Protection Act came into being in 2002 however most businesses in Thailand simply ignored […]

Music in Pattaya Bars : The Law

For more than 2 years many operators in Pattaya have had a run in with the law about playing music. Now some where just scam artists looking to take cash.The Central Goods and Services Price Committee had in 2002 already announced the royalty structure of the music industry but was not enforced.